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Name WWW IRC E-mail Distribution Description Type Language(s)
Русская информация об ОС Linux WWW IRC Webchat Any Всё о Linux на русском языке. LINUX.ORG.RU. chat, www English, Русский
Home of the Maemo community WWW IRC Webchat Maemo Wargus is developed together for Windows, Linux and Linux Maemo based devices (Nokia N900). chat, forum, wiki English, German
Linux Arabic WWW IRC Webchat Linux Arab community IRC channel. One of the largest Arabic communities for Gnu/Linux and free software users and supporters. chat English, Arabic
##linux@freenode WWW IRC Webchat GNU/Linux channel at freenode chat English
##linux-ru WWW IRC Webchat Канал для вежливого обсуждения операционной системы Linux на русском языке. chat Русский, English
Archlinux forums WWW Archlinux ArchLinux forums forum English, more?
Ubuntu Russian WWW IRC Webchat Ubuntu Ubuntu по-русски forum, chat Русский
Debian Russian WWW IRC Webchat Debian Debian по-русски Русский
#Linux on synirc WWW IRC Webchat Any Linux/GNU general discussion on synirc chat English
Linux.Chat on Discord WWW Any Linux general discussion on Discord chat

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