I’m literally not a manager, I’m the newest employee here and this other coworker sits and talks to a female coworker that likes the attention for the first 50 minutes after clocking in. They don’t work and nobody seems to care. Infuriating as it is, I think this is not my problem to solve.

I’m thinking about telling the manager about it, because this person has accused me of not being a team player, but the last time I went to her with a problem (about an aggressive coworker that kept throwing tantrums and things to the floor to then kick them), she wanted me to talk to this other guy. WTF am I supposed to tell him? don’t act like a psychopath?

  • @Potatos_are_not_friends@lemmy.world
    3 months ago

    Not your problem.

    As a team lead, if someone came to me complaining about another team member, my first action to gather proof. That’s easy since we use project management tools to track task completion.

    If the coworker was right, i politely work with the new hire. New hires imo take 6 months before they can really perform. That’s my job and responsibility to get them there, not anyone elses.

    If the coworker was wrong, Id flag the person as a grade-A asshole who is drama and start preparing a file on them. Drama like this bad for morale, and it is not acceptable to get into other people’s business and work. I have fired staff who seemed more interested in what others are doing versus their own work.