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  • I’ll share my perspectives on Indian colleagues. Not Indians raised Americans (who are more Americanized), but Indians who are from India.

    Like others, I feel like this is a general sweeping comment that can be seen as racist and inaccurate. I agree. I try my best to keep it in check.

    Indian women come off as entitled. They are both strong because men in India have been rude/off-putting to them, but also demanding. I recall one Indian woman tell me how she used to get catcalls and even had some pretty rape-y language thrown her way and she shrugged it off, calling those men pathetic. But then in her own words, “Would have been treated like a queen” by those toxic men.

    Indian men come off incel-y. Not just the young ones, but the married ones too. My one “friend” made a pass at my 14-yo cousin. I now keep him at arms length. The married couple, the husband was a total creep to my wife. Then he defended himself saying that’s normal Indian men behavior. His wife was upset, so maybe it wasn’t? Either way, I didn’t appreciate it.

    I only know about a dozen Indian folks in my circle. And again, Indians born in America are completely different.

  • I went back and forth thinking you meant code like Building Code, or Traffic Code. But you literally mean programming code.

    They work hard and get shit done, but it’s always some kind of hacky kluge made from copy-pasted code.

    Honestly, I agree.

    I will argue that the only code I ever saw from India was from coding firms hired by American companies thinking they can save a few bucks. But then people like me are paid 10x more to fix it.

    That code seems to lack any sort of creative thinking or big picture. It’s loops within loops. It’s using stuff like letters for variables, or abbreviations. It’s duplicating code in 3000 line files.

    At first, I thought it was just laziness or trying to get it done asap. But then I felt sad when I gave them a lot of feedback, got the changes back, then the next set of code, saw the same issues over again. Like they really don’t see a problem with this.