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I’ve observed if I say nothing (because I simply don’t know how to react), opinionated people think you agree with them, which I don’t. I don’t care.

what I want to tell him, next time he starts ranting: ‘I don’t care what you think, leave me alone’.

However, I may have to work with this person in the future, so what about ‘you don’t have to tell me everything you think, most of the time I don’t pay attention’ and if he keeps pushing it ‘it’s tiring working with a person who has to rant to feel good, it’s boring and makes me ignore you, which is a problem, because we work together.’ And leave.

What about ‘everybody has problems, maybe talk to a therapist? I cannot help you’.

Or maybe simply leaving when he starts his rants?

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    Doesn’t have to be ancient life, you could also tell them about:

    Farming techniques in the middle ages centering around Southern France in comparison to Manchuria.

    Your favorite clothes buttons of the Victorian era.

    The nuances of tardigrade body language.

    The evolution of footwear prior to hard soles.

    The fascinating history of rivets.

    How women in the early 1900s are responsible for how unhealthy fast food is today and why the government can’t do anything right.

    All about the history of houndstooth as it relates to fashion and feudalism.

    Why they should bring back lawn darts for the betterment of our schools.

    And so many more conversations that will allow you to work in peace.